This season marks CIMONE’s second appearance on the Fashion Scout catwalk, and sees a return to signature exaggerated proportions and bold statement pieces. Symmetry and asymmetry collide in a discordant universe, taking inspiration from dystopian futuristic narratives and Brutalist lines.

Organic feminine forms are harnessed and framed by severe shoulder lines and structured shapes. Key pieces are realised in graduated tones, emulating industrial landscapes. The somber palette and sculpted contours are brought to life with eruptions of bright colour.

The body is cast in both familiar and unfamiliar silhouettes, vacillating between control and chaos, both restrictive and explosive. At every corner a sense of rebellion bubbles under the surface, waiting to erupt from the strictures of convention.

While both poised and elegant, a playfulness permeates each piece. Continuing with Cimone’s pride in hand craftsmanship, fabrics are manipulated and treated in experimental ways - heavy wools and classical weaves appear light and voluminous, while light fabrics are given structure and weight.